How To Become A Wedding Planner: 4 Important Things to Know

There are many people out there looking for information on how to become a wedding planner. This is because a successful wedding planner can become a choice of a career which a person can rely on. If you are among the list of people, you might want to know the things need to consider. Does […]

Great Ideas for 1st and 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A wedding anniversary is a special moment that people celebrate by giving each other special gifts. This time i will write gift ideas for the 1st and 5th wedding gifts. Unlike the 50th wedding anniversary, there are still many options for the 1st and 5th because spouses have only exchanged gifts 1 or 5 times. […]

Tea Length Wedding Dresses For Different Wedding Style

Tea length wedding dresses are now becoming more common of a sight as more and more brides go for this wedding dress style. They can be seen on traditional or non-traditional wedding venues. Tea length wedding dresses are less formal wedding dresses that go below the knee. They can be lace, silk, tulle, organza, cotton […]

Wonderful Used Wedding Dresses Pictures

For some brides with limited budget, buying used wedding dresses is a really good idea to save some money because the price is usually a whole lot cheaper than the new ones. So, they can use the money for other spending. Some people still think negative about used wedding dresses. In fact, this idea is […]

Mermaid Wedding Dresses Picture Collections

Brides with great body curves, can try mermaid wedding dresses to look elegance as this style of wedding dress will show the body line perfectly. Usually, the fabric used to make this kind of dress is the kind that is able to hold body shape like satin or lace. However, mermaid wedding dresses are not […]

Wedding Guess Dresses For Fall

When thinking of wedding guest dresses, you need to stay away from white since that color is reserved for the bride. So, you better choose other color than white and its similar color such as champagne, ivory, cream, etc. If you still want to wear something white, you can opt for white linen pants or […]

Cheap Camo Wedding Dresses for Sale with Orange

Although the traditional white wedding dresses are still chosen by many, camo wedding dresses are more and more popular these days. Many women want to break out from the conventional tradition by going for off white or colorful wedding gowns, and some of them even went further bu wearing camo wedding dresses. Actually, camo wedding […]

Designers Lace Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Lace wedding dress has been proven to be long lasting and chosen by many brides since years and years ago. The style of the wedding dress with lace is never out of style and offers gracefulness for the women wearing it. That is why many bride still opt for lace wedding dress for their special […]

Short Wedding Dresses From 2014 or 2012 with Sleeves

One reason why a bride would want to wear short wedding dresses is because of it flexibility and uniqueness. While most women go for the floor length gown, a short version will surely become very special as people will remember it. And this option has become more and more popular among brides to be. The […]

Vintage Wedding Dresses In Sale Come in Plus Size with Lace

By looking for vintage wedding dresses, you are looking for a style that are very distinct than the popular style nowadays. Although they are not very common, these dresses will bring their own unique style which will make your wedding stand out among the crowds. People will surely remember your wedding because of this. The […]